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Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do; after all you want to ensure that when you have gone your assets pass to the right people.

Wills Solicitors in Glasgow, Scotland

If there is no Will then the law dictates where your assets go and that is not always where you would expect!

Our wills solicitors are based in Glasgow, Scotland, and  have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the Will making process to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Please see the detailed sections below for more information or call one of our specialist Will solicitors on 0141 248 3456 for a chat.

Why Make A Will

Making a will is one of the most important things we can do - after all it determines how our most personal possessions and hard-earned savings will be shared among close family and friends.

It is often a simple and inexpensive process. But failure to make a will can pose major difficulties for those left behind, for instance, by paying more tax than necessary. Your estate - money, other assets and possessions - could be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes. It is particularly important to leave instructions if you own property.

The contents of a will

It is advisable to consult a solicitor before deciding what to put in your will. A will can cover a range of issues, including:

  • who should inherit your property, money, other assets and possessions
  • how your children should be cared for
  • who should be responsible for looking after your estate (the executors)
  • special arrangements for your funeral
  • and charitable donations you would like to make

How a solicitor can help with your will and estate

Will drafting is often straightforward but some involve complicated arrangements and financial affairs, such as inheritance tax - all the more reason to ensure they are drawn up by a qualified solicitor. Even if your will is simple and you want to write it yourself, it is advisable to consult a solicitor to avoid pitfalls and ensure all the legal formalities have been followed correctly, otherwise it may be invalid. DIY and internet wills are available but there are obvious risks where no personal advice is given.

Helping with arrangements Your solicitor can help your family or executors contact undertakers and arrange for the death the death to be registered.

Acting as an executor

Executors are responsible for dealing with assets of the estate. Family members are usually named as executors but where there are none, or where you feel they may need guidance, a solicitor can be named instead or as well.

Going to court in the absence of a will

If there is no will, it may be necessary to apply to the sheriff court to appoint an executor. A solicitor will have to prepare the forms for the court to appoint the executor. In most cases an insurance, called a Bond of Caution will be required. This can be expensive and the insurers may insist on legal assistance being sought.

Changing a will

Changes can easily be made to wills - a solicitor will ensure they are legally binding. We recommend that they are looked at every four years to ensure they keep up to date with your circumstances.

Keeping a will safe

It is important to keep your will safe. If your solicitor has drawn up the will, he or she will usually keep the original and send you a copy.

Age Scotland

We are very pleased to announce that Raeside Chisholm have adopted Age Scotland as our Charity of the year.

Will Aid

Raeside Chisholm is showing it cares by participating in Will Aid during November. Read our blog post for more information.

Local Solicitors Scotland

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we help people across Scotland to make their will including people from the following Scottish towns and cities:- East Kilbride, Motherwell, Ayr (and other towns in Ayrshire), Greenock, Alloa, Dumbarton, Glasgow, Clydebank, Paisley, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Hamilton and Falkirk.

Contact our Wills Solicitor in Glasgow, Alison Chisholm

To find out how our wills solicitors can help you make your will or to arrange an initial consultation with one of our solicitors, please complete our online enquiry form or contact us on 0141 248 3456.

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